Top 10 Ways to Save Beaucoup Bucks on Your Wedding:

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By author, writer & columnist Jennifer Molloy.

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  • Trim your guest list

Your guests are the most expensive part of your day. The more you have, the more you must feed. The more people that will drink expensive alcohol and take up room at tables with expensive linens and pricey centerpieces. Trim your guest list and your bank account will thank you!

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  • Look for a second-hand dress

There are several sites out there that specialize in lovely designer gowns for a drastically discounted price simply because it’s been worn once! Other options include renting a dress or borrowing one.


  • Forget the full bar

A full bar means stocking it with A LOT of expensive bottles, many of which may not even get used! Most guests are totally happy with beer, wine, and perhaps a few signature cocktails.

  • Eliminate the wedding programs

It’s a fairly big expense, not to mention the amount of time it takes to put it together in the first place. They all get left on the seats after the ceremony is over, trust me. If you must have a program, print only one per couple, NOT one per person.

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  • Say Buh-Bye to Favors

It’s very, very hard to find a favor that people care about. Seriously, how many meaningful wedding favors have you received? Unless you are planning something truly special, unique and different, my advice is to forget favors completely. Your guests don’t need a “present” when they are already being wined and dined. No one misses favors when they aren’t there.

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  • Consider an “off-day” wedding

Saturdays, Sundays and now even Fridays are popular days to tie the knot. But for example, a Monday over a 3-day weekend might save you some cash if the venue has a lower minimum during the non-weekend days.


  • Go easy on the “extras”

That means you need to reel it in when it comes to all the tempting décor ideas you see online. Even DIY. Even something that looks like a good deal. Believe me, your guests don’t need to look at 10 different signs pointing to different tables of stuff. They don’t need customized coasters or matchbooks. You really don’t need to buy personalized candies or a ton of sundries for the ladies’ room.  Just say no!

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  • Choose your vendors carefullywedding photographer

One quick look at social media will show you the amazing talent available for hire. Many vendors know they can charge a premium because their work is in demand. But look a little harder and you’ll find just as much talent lying under the surface, for a price that might be 30-50% less! As long as the vendors you hire share the same ideas you have, are reputable and dependable, you can rest assured that you’ve found a winner for the wedding day, while keeping some extra money in the bank.

  • Take your honeymoon later

Take a few days off and have your wedding. Then go back to work for a bit to let some more paychecks stack up. THEN take your honeymoon. There’s no rule that says you have to leave right away. Imagine how much less you’ll have to pack and think about when your honeymoon is a few months AFTER the wedding! Much less stressful, and easier on the wallet, too.

  • Trim your guest list one more time.

You can do it, I know you can!

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