Top 5 Benefits of having a Winter Wedding!

winter wedding

winter weddingSnow joke, Winter Weddings are amazing!

Winter has arrived but that doesn’t slow down the wedding season. Some couples actually prefer the snow over the sand and purposely wait until the world (or at least their wedding destination) is covered with a beautiful blanket of the pristine whiteness to give their nuptials a stunning backdrop. This gives a whole new meaning to the term White Wedding. That magical snow can lend itself to some truly stunning pictures and of course, it gives you endless design ideas as well.

Here Urban Bride Chic brings you the top five benefits for having a Winter Wedding in the snow.

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The Weather Price Drop

If you are getting married in a place which pretty much shuts down in the winter because of the snow, then you are going to be able to bank yourself a bargain location. The venue that you choose is likely to have some big discounts for off-season rates and this means that you get a beautiful location, with beautiful snow, for a price-cut on your entire wedding budget. You are likely to find more incentives for holding your wedding off-season such as room discounts in hotels, particularly if you are tying the knot in January and February. Cash in on the price drops while the temperature plummets. This applies to the honeymoon too, because it is the perfect time to head south of the equator where you’ll miss things like monsoon season.

The difference is clear (and cold)

The majority of weddings are held in the summer right? So why not go for something different that will make your wedding stand out above the rest? Shaking things up and going against the normal grain of things by holding your wedding in the winter will do just that. People are probably so blasé about summer weddings that your winter wedding wonderland will be the real highlight of the year. It’s alright to get away from the norm and with little going on in the early winter months, then you can steal the show by giving people something to look forward too. Note: avoid holding a wedding on a major holiday like Christmas or New Year because that can cause attendance conflicts with guests who may just want to have their own personal get-together with family at those times.

Off season, on the job

The benefits of a winter wedding are there. Much like venues and hotels dropping prices when the big freeze hits, it is also a time of the year when other factors come into play for planning a wedding. It is likely going to be a lot easier for you to go out and get that one special photographer that you wanted, as they aren’t slammed with work covering weddings in the winter as they are in the summer. Your number one DJ choice is more likely to be available and that wedding planner is probably going to have a lot more time on their hands to dedicate to your special occasion.

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Don’t shrug off the chance for warm wedding attire

This is a time of the season when you go down a little different route for your wedding attire too. This is the ideal time to break out a beautiful fake fur shawl, to get those beautiful white feathers into your wedding or even go for a full cape. These are the kind of warming things that you are going to see in a summer wedding. But looking at a bride wrapped in a wolf-style silver/gray shrug against a white or ivory dress, with snow in the background would be stunningly breathtaking. You could go even further and break out into the new trend that are bridal wellies (yes, they exist) as you trudge through the snow.

Romance to warm up the season

Let’s face it, anything that has to do with the snow in a beautiful setting is going to be romantic and you can really up the ante in this area with a winter wedding. Imagine beautiful candles lighting up the evening against the snowy back drop outside. Imagine your guests walking into a reception area which has a roaring open fire going, a wonderful place for an evening nightcap of course as the snow falls outside. You can really break out the romantic feel of all this, because imagine a winter scene with an idyllic, rustic little church with its roof covered in snow and a glowing yellow light outside, calling you in.

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