Top 5 Extreme Wedding Ideas

Extreme Weddings

Extreme WeddingsFrom the grotesque to the sublime…

Not everyone wants to walk down the aisle of an ancient church, the pews lined with hand-crafted bouquets of flowers with smartly dressed family members in attendance. There are thrill seekers abound out there who want to take their weddings to a different level. There are those

who would like to get their adrenaline pumping a little more on their wedding day, other than what just normal nerves of the big day deliver. Here we take a look at some of the most extreme wedding ideas out there.

The Marathon Wedding

We’re not talking about a seven day wedding festival, like what can happen out in Italy. There have been instances of couples getting to the finish line at the end of an actual Marathon to tie the knot. Some have even been known to exchange their vows while tracking around the course, which would need a willing (and fit) officiant to get in on the action as well. This is a pretty extreme way to go to get married, because usually you have to walk down around 30 feet of aisle, not bust a gut for 26 hard miles out on the street. This probably isn’t one for those who are too concerned about having picture perfect wedding pictures. There will be sweat and flushed cheeks going on, and that’s even before the wedding consummation back at the hotel later.

Zombie Halloween

Extreme doesn’t have to just be about physical exertion when getting married. Looks can be extreme as well and what is more extreme than seeing a zombie groom and his zombie bride standing at the altar? Probably the most epic moment of this one would be watching the bride amble all the way down the aisle, arms outstretched in front of her, dragging along her club foot, brains spilling out of the top of her head. Epic stuff. There is likely to be a bloody wedding gown here and some pretty gruesome makeup, but come on, who doesn’t want to see two zombie’s sharing their first drooling kiss in wedded bliss? This could all be amped up to a new level if it was held on Halloween of course, in a setting decked out as a haunted house.

Sky Diving

This is one for the real thrill seekers out there. Anyone who wants to jump out of an airplane in the first place for a bit of fun must have some nerves of steel and to do it on your wedding way when thing have to be perfect, taking things to a new level. There are different ways to handle this. The ceremony could be held on the ground first before the couple get up in the sky. The ceremony can be held on the plane then the couple seals things with a kiss and throws themselves out of the door. Or, you can go full on extreme and not only jump out of the plane but try and get your exchange of vows out on the way down, the pressure’s on not to forget your words though. Who doesn’t want to do that in a 45 second 120 MPH freefall? This would need a very willing officiant too. There’s plenty of locations that offer skydiving weddings like Vegas Extreme Skydiving.

Bungee Jumping

This is the quick, wham bam thank you ma’am of extreme adrenaline weddings. So how does this work, because clearly you aren’t going to have time to exchange vows while jumping from a platform with a rope tied around your ankles? No, this is a post-wedding celebration, a burst of adrenaline which happens after the wedding has been held. One memorable couple from Belgium a few years ago, dished out nearly $10,000 to get married in a ceremony on a platform 150 feet of the ground, before they jumped off. After sharing their first kiss upside down on the end of the bungee cord, they spared the rest of the wedding party the same fate, which was probably a good thing for 95 year old Uncle Albert.

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Why go up in the sky for a bungee or a skydiving wedding when you can go down? Down to the bottom of the deep blue sea. Well, you don’t need to go down that far for the wedding, as for example in Fort Lauderdale, Florida there is a beautiful reef which starts in just 20 feet of water and you don’t even have to go out more than 100 yards from the shore. But you can go from snorkeling weddings to full on underwater weddings when you need an air tank and everything. So if you want to take a dive a get married and you like your bubbles as opposed to your bubbly then you throw on the whole scuba gear, get a few lessons and you’ll be ready for your big day. You can even do this standing up on a nice sandy floor, but most couples will kneel as it’s easier. Naturally you aren’t going to be speaking underwater, so you will be using diving slates to write down your vows, or some gear does come with com units. This is the wedding for those who like to get wet and wild.[shopify embed_type=”collection” shop=”” product_handle=”bridal-purses-evening-bags”]