Top 5 Wedding Cocktail Hour Tips

Wedding Cocktail Hour

Wedding Cocktail Hour

The Cocktail Hour at the wedding, that time in between the ceremony and the reception has become a hugely popular feature of modern weddings.

The thing about the Wedding Cocktail Hour is that it is something that may not exactly be top of your planning list, but it deserves all the attention that it can get.

This really is the time when the tone is set for the party atmosphere which will move forward into the reception. This is a time to start cutting loose, to get some hors d’oeuvre and cocktails on board. It is also an important time of the wedding where the two Wedding parties can start mingling and getting socially introduced.

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Not sure what to do to at your Wedding’s Cocktail Hour? Here is Urban Bride Chic’s Top 5 Wedding Cocktail Hour creations.

tequila-sunrise-recipeThe Mini Drink

This is only the pre-party party really so you don’t want your guests falling over drunk before they’ve even sat down for their meal. You just want the guests to start loosening up a bit and enjoying themselves. So the mini-drink has become very popular nowadays at the modern Wedding Cocktail Hour. You can shrink down popular cocktails just for the guests to sip on and another trend which has become popular is those drinks being served in mini-sized bottled. Think of a miniature sized bottle of Patrón holding your Tequila Sunrise. Cute, fun and delicious! Have serves hand out drinks as soon a people walk in, this is a fantastic welcome.

Adventurous hors d’oeuvre

Don’t keep things safe because this is your wedding day and a time to break away from the usual. This is where you can add a little bit of flair and creativity into your wedding, but serving up unique hors d’oeuvre can add a  great touch of excitement to your Cocktail Hour. This your wedding and you deserve a treat as much as your guests do. Think adventurous colored caviar, mini shrimp cocktail, seared scallops in artichoke puree, rhubarb ice-pops and forbidden rice with micro greens. This is a great time to get adventurous.

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Not standing room only

Remember people’s comfort. Usually when you have a social gathering like this you are just going to see people standing around, sipping drips and munching on little snacks. That is how socializing goes down when people get to mix and mingle. However, don’t forget about those who either don’t want to stand around or simply can’t. Set up some seating areas for those who want to get off their feet in the Cocktail Hour. But don’t just push them away into a corner where they aren’t going to get the chance to chat to others.

wedding-hors-doeuvresDishing it out

One of the biggest decisions at a Wedding Cocktail Hour is whether to serve the food up or have it on a station where the guests can go and help themselves. Well, the best solution to this dilemma would be to offer a mix of both. Have some interactive stations set up for those who like to help themselves (particularly useful for things like mash potato cocktails where you can have self-serve toppings) as well as having servers milling around giving the guests the chance to pick up some snacks without having to leave a conversation.

Music is the food of life

Don’t just have a silent background at your Wedding Cocktail Hour. Of course, you don’t want blaring loud music going where it will drown out the chance of conversation, that’s what the DJ at the reception is for. The music can set the whole ambiance for the Cocktail Hour and generally you are going to be hearing lounge-type music going on in the background. One of the most elegant ways to deliver music at the Wedding Cocktail Hour is by having someone play a mini grand piano.

So there you go, some tips to get the Wedding Party swinging. This can make the rest of the wedding go smoothly because the most important aspect out of all this is the socializing. You are going to have strangers sat down at the tables at the Wedding Reception, so give them the chance to get to know one another beforehand in a welcoming, fun environment.