Top 5 Wedding Food Trends for 2017

wedding food

wedding foodYour Wedding is a work of art, an event which pulls together many different brush strokes of creativity into one beautiful masterpiece. The food that is on offer at the reception is another of those crucial elements to get right. If you are serving up fish tacos in a winter wedding with the snow falling outside of a beautiful mountain lodge, then it really doesn’t piece together well. So it is important to pull together the right foods for the right style of your wedding and Urban Bride Chic brings you the top five wedding food trends of 2017.

Source Locally

One important aspect of tying food into your setting is getting your venue to source their food locally from the wedding. This not only supports the community but you know that you and your guests will be getting the freshest, most flavorful foods served up at your wedding. This will also be tied to the season as well with the array of ingredients on offer changing throughout the year. But the farm-to-table aspect of serving food at Weddings has exploded in 2016. Green-conscious couples can reduce the carbon footprint of their meal with those local ingredients.

Mini Cocktails

The Wedding Cocktail Hour, the pre-reception festivities has become a huge trend in recent years for weddings. Times were when the wedding party would go straight from the church to the reception. But not any more, wedding goers get to unwind and get some libations in them before sitting down for a meal. The Wedding party gets into swing a little earlier nowadays. One big trend happening through 2016 has been mini-cocktails, where your normal offerings such as a Cosmopolitan is shrunk down to sip size, because this pairs well with the mini-sized finger food generally on offer. Small snacks, small drinks.

Cultural Flavor

The setting, the personal tastes of the married couple and even culture play a huge part in the foods that can be offered up at the Wedding Reception or Wedding Cocktail Hour. If you are having an Indian-culture theme running throughout your wedding, then expand this into the cuisine as well. Go and incorporate that rice pilaf into your menu, but just lay off the tandoori though, it may not go down well with everyone. Remember, that you still have to cater to all guests. If you are having an inter-cultural or inter-faith wedding, work with your caterer to pull a mix of the different traditional foods together. Mix a little New England with little New Mexico if need be, there’s always a way.

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Keep it personal

You will have personal touches running everywhere throughout your wedding, so why not in the menu too? We are not just talking about your favorite food tastes, but incorporate personal touches in other ways as well. Maybe think back to your very first date and remember what you ate on that occasion where it all started. You can then reproduce that meal, coming full circle, into your wedding menu. Maybe your father likes to grow his own bell peppers in his back garden. Use those, or if you have a bee-keeping brother, use that honey from close to home.

Taking the cake

As we approach 2017 it is firmly the era of the modern Wedding Cake. More and more often you are seeing couples pull away from the traditional style wedding cakes to go for different types of creations. Ways to mix up your own design from the usual style is to go for mismatched layers, or taking designs straight from the wedding invitation itself onto the cake. One big trend through 2016 has been the naked Wedding cake where cake’s are presented without frosting, but still decorated with fresh flowers and maybe fruits. We are sure that the trend will continue and expand with fresh and more innovative ideas as we move forward into 2017. [shopify embed_type=”collection” shop=”” product_handle=”cake-toppers”]