Top 7 Most Important Wedding Day Memories To Make

It’s a busy day, from the bridemoment your eyes open (IF you’re even able to sleep) until your head hits the pillow that night. The day flies by, no matter how you may wish for it to slow down so you can take it all in. It’s hard to remember every single second. So here’s a list of some extra special moments to make sure to remember. Some are obvious, some are less so, but ALL are worthy of fabulous and meaningful memories!

1. Make sure to remember the fun time you have with your bridesmaids in the time leading up to the ceremony start. That’s a bridalbusy time with hair and makeup and dressing and accessorizing, but it’s also prime girl time with your besties and should be treated as such!

2. Remember The Kiss. It’s a big deal and the photographer’s Money Shot. You’ll be able to look at the photo and see that it happened, but will you really remember it? Chat with your partner in the days leading up to the wedding about remaining present and focusing on the sacredness of what you’re experiencing throughout the entire ceremony so that you can remember the details.

3. After the ceremony, take 5 minutes in a quiet room with just you and your spouse. It’s a perfect time to reflect onkiss the beautiful union you just shared. Yes, you have time. Let your guests go on to cocktail hour and let your photographer gather your friends and family for photos so you can have those 5 special minutes.

4. Remember the toasts. If you don’t have a videographer, delegate a friend or family member to do a video with their phone. The toasts are (hopefully!) a beautifully delivered, well-thought out tribute to you. Remember the look in their eyes as they take the time to toast you and your partner.

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5. Remember to stick together at the reception as much as possible. It’s tough: you both have lots of friends and family there vying for your attention and a selfie. But if you can, work the room as a pair and use that time to meet each other’s extended family and old friends together. You’re bound to hear a few choice anecdotes about the other, and you’ll be able to meet, in person, all the people that helped shape your partner into the person you just married.

6. Remember to look around. Really look. Look at your smiling friends and family. Look up at the sky. Look around at the beautiful venue. Look at your flowers. Be mindful of all of it. Make a permanent memory with all of your observations.


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7. Remember the Good Parts. The Great Parts. The Flawless Parts! DON’T focus on anything that may have gone wrong or wasn’t exactly how you imagined it. Sometimes unexpected things happen that don’t go according to plan. Don’t dwell on anything negative. This is your day in all its perfectly imperfect glory. Embrace it. Remember it.

By Jennifer Molloy.

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