Urban Bride Chic invites you to enjoy these Wedding Announcement tips

Most of the time when you are planning a wedding you are going to be faced with decisions. Decisions that is likely to involve you sitting down with your partner and coming to some agreement or even concession on.

Maybe a compromise has to be made here and there in order to fit a budget or a design ethic. There are always more decisions to be made and even if you have sat down and taken three days to come to an agreement over the design of the wedding invitation, that’s not the end of the story.

Why? Because you have to come up with something to actually write inside of it. Yes, what you put inside of the card is equally as important as to the actual aesthetics of the design itself. But what do you write inside of it? Do you go casual or formal? Is there a general style to follow, is there etiquette to all of this wedding invite thing?

Basically it boils down to more decisions. More time. But this is worth it and this is worth doing well in advance of your planned date to send them out because then you aren’t scratching around at the last minute for ideas. The general rule of thumb is getting these out three months before your wedding day. You will have planned to have sent out a “Save the date” card well in advance before that, right?

wedding bookThis wedding invite is something to take your time with because when you think of it, this is the start of your entire wedding. This is the first element that guests will see of your entire wedding. So, as with everything else to follow, you will want this to be perfect.

But let’s just take a little step back, as there is step to complete before even getting to the stage of ordering the invites. You have to have nailed down a guest list (and don’t forget the plus-ones) first because you need to know who you are going to be sending out invites to! That way that you will know how many to order when it comes to it. But when you do order, always print off extra just in case.

So it may be small, but the wedding invite is mightily important. Because most weddings require a bit more formality than just sending out an email or a text to see if your bestie wants to come and join in the wedding celebrations, the physical invite still holds pride of place in wedding announcements.

In this digital age, it is so nice to receive an actual physical piece of card that you can hold in your hand, and that’s important as well because it’s easy to lose an email but you can get that physical invite, stick it on the fridge and never lose sight of it.

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What’s on the invite?

  • What are the four most important details of a wedding invite? Simple…
  • Who is getting married
  • Who is hosting the wedding (i.e. who is paying for it)
  • Where is the ceremony being held
  • When is the date and time.

Yes, you can basically just go back to the old classic of who, when and where to make sure that you don’t forget anything. These have to be on there or else the invite is pretty much going to be an epic fail.

celebrity newsWho do you mention as hosts?

It is traditional that on the wedding invite you will see something like “Mr and Mrs John Smith request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter….etc” on an invitation as the hosts of the wedding. However, that’s not always cut and dry because that is just assuming that the Bride’s parents are married and they are going to be paying for the entire thing.

But the Urban Bride may find herself in a position where both sets of parents for example are contributing to the funding of the wedding, or maybe the couple are hosting the entire thing themselves. Maybe the mother of the bride has gotten remarried and has a different surname now to the father of the bride. Those are conditions that would dictate the hosting part of your invite. So just as some example, you could have:

  • Mr and Mrs John Smith request the pleasure…(married parents hosting)
  • Bride Name and Groom Name, request the pleasure…(couple self hosting)
  • Bride Name and Groom Name together with their parents, request the pleasure (both sets of parents hosting)
  • Mr Smith and Mrs Jones request the pleasure (situations where parents names differ)

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See, there can be a lot to think about. If you are looking for a general catch-all type hosting solution on your invite then go with the ‘Bride and Groom together with their parents’ as an option. But giving a mention to the hosts, those who are putting a lot into the wedding financially, needs to happen.

Other details that you can put on the wedding invite is whether or not formal or casual dress is appropriate, just to give the guests a guide, plus you can also put on there something simple such as “Dinner and dancing to follow” if the reception is being held at the same place as the ceremony. If not, you may want to go with a separate reception card. Finally, it is just as important to know what not to put on the invitation. That will be any mention of a gift registry. You will generally share that info by word of mouth or via invites off the registry website.

Written by author, writer and blogger, Lee A. Jackson.