Urban Bride Chic’s Guide to popping the question at Christmas

christmas proposal

Christmas ProposalChristmas can be a tremendously romantic time of the year. This is when you get those opportunities to snuggle up in front of a roaring fire with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree twinkling its starlights at you and Bing Crosby crooning through the stereo system. If you are in a chilly part of the country with winter weather outside then you could be sharing a nice hot cocoa inside on the early dark evening while watching “It’s A Wonderful Life” together – which would be quite fitting if your are looking forward to getting married in the following year.

So Christmas, because of the warm and giving nature of the season, is filled with romance and this can be a perfect time to pop the question. This could be a Christmas to remember for the rest of your life if someone gets down on one knee and makes that longed-for proposal. Here Urban Bride Chic presents you with the gift of some great Christmas marriage proposal ideas!

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With a bit of forward planning you could drop a really unexpected proposal on your loved one. Pretty much at the start of December you will see Christmas Tree lots popping up around town. Talk with the proprietor to have one of the trees lit up (which is likely to be there anyway) and have friends and family secretly gathered there with cameras. Then ask your partner to come shopping for a Christmas tree with you. When you reach that special spot in front of that special tree, you know the drill. Take a knee and delight that special person in your life, as well as the other tree shoppers who will likely circle around and join in the special moment of celebration.

Christmas wedding proposal

Family Practice
For those of you who have a big family gathering full of festive cheer then this could be turned into a hugely special moment. Just the presence of the entire family all together in one place, which let’s face it, doesn’t happen very often, is the perfect time to pop the question. In the UK there is the tradition of pulling the Christmas Cracker at dinner time and a ring could be hidden inside which could be a perfect time to do it. Maybe you can save the proposal until after dinner when everyone is settling down for a quiet evening and you have full attention of everyone. There would be extra brownie points available for the future groom if this was to happen at the in-laws family gathering on Christmas day. One inventive groom in the video below got his whole family involved while taking a Christmas family photo, with everyone wearing shirts to spell out “Merry Xmas”. With his wife positioned at the front so she couldn’t see what was going on the line up behind her, a quick shuffling of family bodies (clearly they’d been practicing) and the t-shirts actually spelled out “Marry Me”

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Boxes inside each other

Hiding the wedding ring in an unexpected place is a popular way to go when going for the Christmas marriage proposal. What better way do this than to have the ring inside of box, which is inside of another box, which in turn is inside of another box and so on? Think of it as the Russian Nesting Doll effect. It will build suspense and humor and when that initial box, which looked as if could be hiding a new flat screen TV inside finally reveals it tiny but amazing prize, this will be a proposal not to forget. This is probably the classic wedding proposal to do at Christmas.

Christmas in July?
Do you like to be thinking outside of the Christmas box? Well then why not really go overboard on having a Christmas proposal, just not at Christmas time? In the middle of summer, when the sun is shining outside, create an opportunity to surprise your loved one by busting out the Christmas decorations for a real surprise when she gets home. The cherry on the cake of course would be that one special gift waiting for the bride-to-be under the Christmas tree. Why wait until December?

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Getting Santa to deliver
Why not get the jolly old chap involved in the wedding proposal? Have a talk with your local Santa at the mall and plan something out like this inventive groom did. He encouraged his wife to sit on Santa’s knee and Santa dug in his sack to pull out a small gift for her. A ring box. But when she opened it it was empty, but immediately her partner dropped to his knee, pulled the ring out of his pocket to deliver that special moment. Santa clearly got her what she wanted that year!

She pops the question!
This is the 21st century of course and why not shun one of the biggest wedding traditions of all, that it having to be the groom who does the proposing. Perhaps those modern Urban Brides want to take control of this aspect of forming the unionship and pull off a huge surprise in planning and popping the question to their man instead. Remember, even if this goes against social convention, there is no correct way to get engaged. Get creative, get romantic, do what fits your unique relationship and start planning that beautiful wedding!

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