Use the internet to plan your wedding, but don’t forget the real world

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Shopping UBCPlanning your wedding out online sounds like a real time saver and in some cases it is!

However, don’t get buried in online wedding planning. With all of the resources available online from gift registries to invitation designing, it is easy to find yourself buried among a wealth of information that can pull you from your original goal.

For example, trawling through endless information to try and find a small detail, or going through all those sign ups for online services. While there are many great services around that can help you plan out your wedding, it’s easy to get lost and actually not get everything done. It’s so easy to get engrossed in all that is thrown at you online, that you can forget there is a great coffee shop around the corner in the real world serving bagels that are the bomb.

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We all find ourselves sitting there while the time just flies by, browsing gifts and remembering to dip into social media to keep yourself hooked up to the latest happenings. Focus can quickly go out of the window when browsing around online and while you may well find something valuable like that perfect wedding veil, piece of jewelry or tiara, you can quickly fall down a well of browsing focus sapping memes.

Urban Bride Chic suggests that you can hop online and get searching for your perfect honeymoon destination and to build your guest list, but there are some pitfalls to avoid by getting too heavily engrossed in all that the internet can throw at you. For example, if you have created yourself a guest list online through a good tool, it means that some people won’t be on it. You don’t invite everyone you know to your wedding.

Usually for a good reason. So if you then go and announce the time and place of your wedding on your Facebook feed, people who weren’t invited could see it then you could have wedding crashers on your hands. We aren’t talking about Owen Wilson or Vince Vaughn showing up, but perhaps that acquaintance who still thinks you are Besties from twenty years ago, or a jealous ex. So the more that you share around the date and the place of your wedding online, the more you may be appealing to unwanted guests coming along.

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In a more severe way of looking at it, you could also be compromising your safety by announcing everything out there in the social media realms. The other easy pitfall that you could fall into online is the spoiling of surprises. You don’t want one of your bridesmaid’s accidentally leaking out a picture of your super secret wedding gown and then your groom getting a glimpse of it before the big day if you are trying to keep it from his eyes.

Avoid the time sucking pitfalls of the internet and don’t spend endless hours trying to hook yourself onto the latest wedding trends either. That’s a lot of lost time. Just because country chic may be trending online on Pinterest, if you are enamored by the coolness of Urban Chic, then stick to what you really want for your own wedding. Don’t follow the crowd just because something is trending on Instagram. Follow your own style and don’t forget once in a while, there’s a real world out there beyond the internet.

Post Written by author, writer and blogger, Lee A. Jackson.

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