Valentine’s Day Proposals – keep them unexpected

Valentine's Day

coupleAre you thinking of getting down on one knee and popping the question to your beloved on Valentine’s Day this year? This is the one day of the year when the romantic juices are set to overflow, however, avoid the pitfalls of turning the commercial holiday proposal into a cheesy affair.

Basically, to avoid that, just get creative and think about the element of surprise.

A few years ago, American Express did a survey and found that around six million couples in the US were likely to get engaged on February 14th. Back in 2012 it was reported around 4 million people were going to be asking for their parent’s hand in marriage on the Valentine’s Day. So that is a lot of proposals, with the number increasing, and a lot of them are probably all the same, so think outside of the box for your style of proposal.

The obvious things to avoid are proposing over dinner, and hiding the ring in a glass of champagne or a box of chocolates. You will need to think a little bit more creatively than that. Surprise her with the question when she is expecting it less, but perhaps not when she is still in her sweats in the middle of straightening her hair with her make-up not done ahead of dinner preparations. That’s not a good selfie-op.

Why not drop the proposal the day before or the day after to totally throw her off her game? Or, on the 14th, let her get ready for dinner and then walk her outside to the unexpected limo, from which your unexpected friends and family step out from and then drop and pop. Use your imagination, but importantly too, keep in mind the things that your partner likes, always adhere to her tastes. If you think she would be uncomfortable being proposed to in front of a crowd, then don’t do it, get your private proposal on!

Which reminds us…

Did you know that Valentine’s Day doesn’t actually have a romantic origin. Nope, Saint Valentine, a Roman priest, refused to honor any pagan gods and he would go and marry people in secret without their parent’s permission and in defiance of the emperor who thought that young men shouldn’t get married because bachelors made better soldiers. The myth goes that Saint Valentine fell in love with the daughter of his jailor after capture, and his final note to her before being beheaded said “from your Valentine”.

So don’t lose your head about proposing on Valentine’s Day this year, just play it cool and original.

Written by author, writer and blogger, Lee A. Jackson.

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