Wearing White The Second Time

birdcage wedding veilIn the wedding industry, one of the questions that gets asked the most is if the bride should wear white the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th time around. Although wearing white used to be a symbol of purity and virginity, times have changed!

The modern bride, wears whatever feels comfortable to her. As we embrace creativity and personal artistic expression as a society, individuality is always encouraged and welcome in most circles.

So whether it is white, pink, red, beige, black or purple, it doesn’t matter as long as the bride feels beautiful, happy and comfortable with what she is wearing.

Perhaps she never got to have the wedding of her dreams the first time around and that is okay, she can still make all of her dreams come true this time around and why not?

The veil however, is predominantly worn by first timers, it is still a sign of purity and virginity, this is specifically true for veils that cover the face. If this is the bride’s second or third time around, wearing a veil is still perfectly fine. However, for the sake of tradition and out of respect to first time brides, perhaps wearing a veil that does not cover the face would be best. But, if covering her face with the veil is what the bride wants, then, she should be able to go for it and why not? It’s her wedding day!

When it comes to choosing the right veil, the market has an array of endless and beautiful options, from intricate and beautifully made combs, birdcage style veils, headbands and tiaras to short, medium and long traditional style type of veils. Finding the veil that fits someone’s personality and artistic flair shouldn’t be a problem at all, it all going to come down to personal taste. 

Side Headband Accented with Freshwater Pearls & Rhinestones

How about ballgowns?

Even if this is not the first time around a ballgown is permissible. The bottom line is that the attire is really up to the couple, it is their wedding and they should be able to not only feel comfortable but also dress the way that they want to dress. Some couples may even base their entire wedding on a theme, including the way that they choose to dress to get married, using their imagination and artistic flair all the way through.

So, whether a couple decides to go the traditional way or be a bit more modern and off stream, have a themed or classic style type of wedding, the bottom line is that as long as they are marrying the person who they truly love and want to spend the rest of their lives with, nothing else should really matter.

Being creative, stylish and artistic while adding personal touches and glamour to their wedding, all in good taste, of course, will prove to be the best choices as long as those choices reflect who they are, all the way to I do!

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