Wedding Anniversary Gift Giving Lists – Traditional, Modern and More!

Wedding Anniversary Gift

Wedding Anniversary GiftThe giving of gifts on the anniversary of a wedding is a token gesture of the couple’s love and adoration of one another. While these gestures are handed out (hopefully with a bit of planning and not through last-minute pit-stops at the gas station), it’s likely that couples will need to refer to a list to find out what the material is for that specific year.

As you may well be aware, the traditional wedding anniversary gifts are based off of materials, for example, you would find something in leather, linen, lace or tin depending on the anniversary year that it traditionally corresponds with.

No-one knows exactly when all of this gift-giving started, but if you listen to domestic guru Martha Stewart then it will have began back in Victorian England in the 19th century. Then from there it would have made a natural transition across the Atlantic and took on a life of its own over in the United States. So even with the vast distances between the motherland and the new world, gift giving thrived. It’s not too difficult to understand because of two reasons; Who doesn’t like to receive a gift and who doesn’t like picking out the perfect gift and seeing the emotions of the recipient?

Perhaps gift giving in Wedding Anniversaries is some type of unity bond, a chance to pull together in the hectic world of modern day life and take a moment out of that time, to sit back and remember that special day, that most special of days when two people came together in holy matrimony. With the natural transition of the anniversary gift giving having made its way across the Pond, then things have naturally mutated a little bit and you will find a different list of yearly anniversary gifts in the UK to what you will find the US.

On top of that, you also have traditional and modern versions as well. Why is there a modern gift list as well? Well practicality really, as old fashioned things got replaced with modern stuff like silverware and clocks and um, a desk set. Yes, the latter on the list for the seventh year of marriage in the modern wedding anniversary gift list. Nothing says “I Love You” more than a plastic container full of pencils apparently. Unless it’s diamond-encrusted one supposes.

Side Headband Accented with Freshwater Pearls & Rhinestones

So you can pretty much go down any route that you like for Wedding Anniversary gift giving, modern or traditional, but think the lists just stop there? Nope, there have been even more Anniversary lists created through the years such as a Flower Gifts list when you give over the gift of a flower each year, starting with a Carnation on the first year anniversary, thought to the Daffodil on the 10th and Yellow Rose or Violet up on the 50th wedding anniversary.

There is also a Gemstone Jewelry anniversary gift list, which was probably created by a jewelry company somewhere. This list follows the traditional hierarchy of precious substances with the perceived value of the gem being given, increasing the more years that a couple has been together. You are looking at a Mother of Peal on the first year anniversary for example, Crystal on the 10th and then Gold on the 50th and a Sapphire topping out at the 65th year of wedded bliss. You would clearly need that long to save up for those top end prizes.

But generally people like tradition when it comes to Weddings and the old traditional list remains more popular nowadays, which isn’t too hard to imagine why, considering you would be in line to receive a desk set going down the modern path. It’s worth sitting down and deciding before you get to that first Wedding Anniversary which list you are going to go with with your spouse as it could get confusing if one turns up with something made of paper (traditional) and the other with a clock (modern) on your first wedding anniversary.

To try and cut through the confusion, Urban Bride Chic brings you the traditional and the modern lists.

Modern Anniversary Gift List

Wedding Headband

Side Headband Accented with Freshwater Pearls & Rhinestones

1st: Clock
2nd: China
3rd: Crystal, glass
4th: Appliances (electrical)
5th: Silverware
6th: Wood objects
7th: Desk sets/pen and pencil sets
8th: Fashion jewelry accessories
9th: Leather goods
10th: Diamond jewelry
11th: Fashion jewelry, accessories
12th: Pearls, colored gems
13th: Textiles, furs
14th: Gold jewelry
15th: Watches
16th: Silver
17th: Furniture
18th: Porcelain
19th: Bronze
20th: Platinum
21st: Brass, Nickel
22nd: Copper
23rd: Silver plate
24th: Musical instruments
25th: Silver
30th: Diamond
35th: Jade
40th: Ruby
45th: Sapphire
50th: Gold
55th: Emerald
60th: Diamond
65th: Blue sapphire
70th: Platinum
75th: Diamond, gold
80th: Diamond, pearl
85th: Diamond, Sapphire
90th: Diamond, Emerald

Traditional Anniversary Gift List

wedding jewelry

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1st: Paper
2nd: Cotton
3rd: Leather
4th: Linen/silk or Fruit and flowers
5th: Wood
6th: Iron/Sugar
7th: Wool/Copper
8th: Bronze/Salt
9th: Pottery/Copper
10th: Tin/Aluminum
11th: Steel:
12th: Silk/Linen
13th: Lace:
14th: Flowers:
15th: Crystal
20th: China
24th: Opal:
25th: Silver
30th: Pearl
35th: Coral, jade: Coral
40th: Ruby
45th: Sapphire:
50th: Gold
55th: Emerald:
60th: Diamond
65th: Blue sapphire
70th: Platinum
75th: Diamond, gold:
80th: Oak
85th: Moonstone: Wine
90th: Granite

Flower Anniversary Gift List


Flower Girl Baskets

1st: Carnation
2nd: Lily of the Valley
3rd: Sunflower
4th: Hydrangea
5th: Daisy
6th: Calla
7th: Freesia
8th: Lilac
9th: Bird of paradise
10th: Daffodil
11th: Tulip
12th: Peony
13th: Chrysanthemum
14th: Dahlia
15th: Rose
19th: Sweetpea
20th: Aster
25th: Iris
28th: Orchid
30th: Lily
40th: Gladiolus
50th: Yellow rose, violet

Gemstone Anniversary Gift List

Wedding earrings

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1st: Mother of Pearl
2nd: Garnet
3rd: Moonstone
4th: Blue Topaz
5th: Rose Quartz
6th: Amethyst
7th: Onyx
8th: Tourmaline
9th: Lapis Lazuli
10th: Crystal or green Tourmaline
11th: Turquoise
12th: Jade
13th: Citrine
14th: Opal
15th: Rhodolite
20th: Emerald
25th: Tsavorite
30th: Pearl
40th: Ruby
50th: Gold
60th: Diamond
65th: Sapphire

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