Wedding Day Hair and Makeup

wedding hairThe Best Wedding Day Hair and Makeup Ever!

Besides getting married to the love of their life, having a lavish party to celebrate the joyous day with close friends and family, receiving the most meaningful piece of jewelry a bride will ever wear and looking forward to an amazing one on one time with their new life partner on their honeymoon… there is something else a bride usually looks forward to and wants among everything else to be absolutely perfect and that is her hair and makeup.

It’s a once in a lifetime deal with no do overs, the video and pictures have to be perfect and the only other two things that will help make the pictures perfect, other than of course a great location with a fabulous backdrop, would be a top of the line photographer / videographer and of course the great looking couple.

The Groom:

For men it is usually a bit simpler, a good professional shave, a nice clean modern haircut, taming of the brows and nose hairs, well hydrated skin, an elegant tux or suit, great looking socks, perhaps some waxing, nice clean shinny shoes and a mani and a pedi will do.

The Bride:

For the ladies, there are many things to consider, the length of the hair, up do or down do? Hair accessories, veil, waxing, makeup, eyebrow contouring, mani and pedi, jewelry, clutches, shoes, etc, etc, etc!! When it comes to the wedding day hair and makeup, perhaps it is best to leave it all up to the professionals. However, we understand that not everyone can afford a professional hair stylist and makeup artist, but that does not mean that you can’t make yourself look stunning just as if a professional had done it all for you.

About Tutorials:

The best type of advice that we can give anyone who is not hiring a hair stylist and makeup artists, but wants to accomplish the best hair and makeup day of their lives, is to direct them to the infinite amount of great videos that can be found online, some of them made by experts in the beauty industry. These experts are very generous in taking their time to show step by step tutorials for all kinds of wedding day hair styles and makeup. Watching a few of those videos can definitely help with getting a better idea as to what will look better with different skin tones and hair length, taking into consideration personal taste and preferences.


Always do a hair and makeup test-run prior to the wedding day.

Never wait till the day before or the day of the wedding to get the eyebrows contoured. ie: waxing, plucking or whatever other “method of torture” is preferred. This gives ample time for any redness, anger and puffiness to subside.

Since no one can see the back of their heads and it is such an important day, have a friend who is artistically inclined to help with the hairdo, hopefully being lucky enough to be able to choose someone who also takes pride in their appearance (as they’ll probably make sure to do as close to a perfect job as they can.)

Don’t miss the Wedding Hair and Makeup Tutorials that we found for you to look over… Ahh-maazing!!

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