Wedding Dress Ideas For The Bride On A Budget

wedding dress

wedding dressIt’s your wedding day and you want to look fabulous!

The excitement is building, and preparations are underway. You’ve picked out your venue, wedding rings, etc and then it hits you… what about the wedding dress?

Perhaps you already have an idea as to what you want to wear, maybe you have been dreaming about your “perfect dress” since you were a child!

All you know is that you want to look absolutely drop dead gorg on your wedding day!

Then you do some online searches and realize that the prices may be a bit out of range!

Oh my, what to do?

Darling, don’t you worry about a thing, I have some ideas that will help you look like a million bucks on your wedding day without breaking the bank!

wedding advice

“The little black dress”

Bridal Jewelry SetI am sure that you’ve heard about “the little black dress”, these are usually very elegant, yet very simple dresses. The key is in the details, the accessories, the hair, the shoes, etc.

You may be saying, hold up, what does a “little black dress” have to do with me and my fabulous wedding?

Okay, fine, nothing! Unless of course that is what you want to wear for your wedding day, in which case, why not? Do YOU honey!

Create Something Spectacular!

Bridal Sash BeltThe point here is, the IDEA behind it!
See, if you look at the little black dress scenario, same rules can apply for a wedding dress!

I know, I am Geeenious!! But this is not about me, this is about you!

Anyways, instead of spending thousands on a dress, you can choose a simple wedding dress in the shape and style that you absolutely love.

Then, you can bling it out with a stunning bridal sash belt, add fab jewelry to accessorize, to die for hair and makeup and of course a drop dead, Ima’na have some haterz cause of this amazing bouquet and Voilà, the queen has arrived!

You are welcome! 🙂

I told ya, you have nothing to worry about!
Congrats darlin & don’t forget to send us pics of the wedding.

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