What does the color of your wedding theme mean?

Colors. They play a big part in a wedding of course. They play an integral part of your decor and design coordination. Maybe it is flashes of brilliant fuchsia that you want running throughout your wedding, coloring the ends of the aisles and adorning centerpieces. Some brides just go with their favorite color to plan their wedding day around, maybe they want their groom in a nice coral cummerbund or would be keen on dressing their bridesmaids in luxurious royal blue which screams elegance.

Black Wedding DressBut when it comes to the actual wedding dress itself, the centerpiece show-stopper of the whole affair then you do not often see a wide range of colors other than the variations on white like ivory and ecru. It is white that is the number one color for wedding dresses in the USA but with modern designers like Vera Wang starting to push more colorful dresses into the industry, it has brought about a new angle to think of on your wedding day.

Color meaning.

What do colors mean, because in areas like color therapy and spirituality, colors play a big role in things like emotions and in some cultural traditions, luck and fertility.

Here Urban Bride Chic breaks down the top five non-white colors used across weddings in the USA and we take a look at the meaning behind those colors. We aren’t talking just for dresses here, but for accents in your wedding theme. We’ll explain them, you decide how to use them!

Everyone loves a touch of red, because it can look anything from dangerous and cutting edge to romantic. The color red is naturally associated with love so that would be a pretty good thing to have at your wedding. That would be getting things off on the right foot. Other features of the color red are passion and energy so these are all powerful things to have on the day of your nuptials.

If you are looking for a more tranquil option than the feisty red, then blue offers that up in spades. You look at blue and immediately feel a sense of calmness, probably because it reminds you of a beautiful clear sky or the soothing sound of a crashing ocean. So bringing the quality of peacefulness into the wedding is something that you would be doing with blue and it is been trusted in traditions for security and longevity as well.

How often do you see a bride in black other than Morticia Addams and of course these two gorgeous HBO stars who recently wore black to their wedding with two very different outcomes? Black is seen at funerals and therefore it is seemingly a depressing color, especially in the western world but you can get your hands on a black wedding dress if you want to. And why not? Hello, that is precisely what an Urban Bride is, someone who does not follow the rules, yet manages to be trendy and chic. So, why not? If you didn’t want to go down the route of darkness then you could use it as an accent color in your wedding theme, because that contrast with the pristine whiteness is spectacular, classy and elegant. Think of a classic black and white wedding cake! So does black represent doom and gloom? Absolutely not! And there is an air of mystery about it, but it also has its toe in sexuality and wealth.


The natural alternative to white. Why do brides go for ivory instead of just going for white? Well, it is because of matching up to skin tones, it is said that ivory compliments skin tone better than actual white does. It is also a timeless traditional color as well. Unfortunately over the years it has picked up a stigma of being only for brides who aren’t virgins on their wedding day because anyone with “tainted innocence” shouldn’t be wearing white. That’s not why ivory is such a popular alternative really, because ivory is a beautiful color, it’s often a better tone for the skin and it is much revered for its own virtue and chastity.


A bit of hot pink? Bubblegum pink? Fuschia Pink? Whichever shade of pink you go with then there is no color which is more closely associated with femininity than pink. It is a superbly happy and playful color and other traits that it carries is good health and that more child-like nature of being fresh and hopeful.

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