You can’t beat a Diamond Wedding Ring

wedding diamond ring

“Unconquerable.” That is what the word “diamond” means as it was derived from the Greek word adamas, and it was the ancient Greeks who actually interpreted them as being fractures from fallen stars.

So in that context of being unconquerable, you literally can’t beat the precious stone. It is the hardest substance that Mother Nature has ever come up with and if you are entering into the beautiful marriage covenant then the diamond represents that very special strength. However, throughout the ages the diamond has meant different things to others as well.

Pop quiz. Where as the first ever diamond discovered? You’re thinking South Africa right? Not, it was back in India, believed to be around the 4th century BC. They weren’t found in South Africa until the 18th century AD.

The Indians believed that the diamond had the powers of protection, a shield against evil, which would have been based in earthly bounds like snakes and poisons, not spirits. Other powerful beliefs throughout history that has raised the stock of diamonds is that they ward off nightmares, witches, boost sexual power and are a promoter of love.


Wedding Scary TalesBoth bride and groom getting a wedding ring, really wasn’t a common thing at all before it was introduced by the Greek Orthodox Church in the 1300s. Before then it was only the woman who got the finger decoration at a wedding ceremony.

Interestingly it never caught on in America until World War II. Why? Because of the fear of soldiers going off to war never coming back and a ring each reminded each party of the other during the time apart. 85% of marriages in America during WWII were dual-ring affairs.

Written by author, writer and blogger, Lee A. Jackson.